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Becoming a member allows you to make a direct impact on the world.  Members also receive organizational updates, event pre-sale access, and have input toward future projects.   

Choose Your Membership Plan

  • Basic Membership

    Every month
    Directly fund OWE organizational infrastructure
    • Supporting administrative overhead for OWE operations
  • Child Sponsor

    Every month
    Sponsor a child so they will never go hungry again
    • Sponsor a specific child's food and water supply each month
    • Receive a photo and bio of your child and build a connection
    • Gifting opportunities for your child on holidays
  • Most Direct Impact

    Orphanage Sponsor

    Every month
    Directly support Damabiah Orphanage
    • Expanding infrastructure
    • Support orphanage operations & staff salaries
    • Food, water, and supplies for staff and unsponsored children
  • Child School Tuition

    Every year
    Directly support primary school tuition for a child
    • Tuition for one year at OWE Primary School
    • Review updates on your child's education progression
    • Support for school uniforms & supplies
  • OWE School Sponsor

    Every year
    Directly support funding for OWE's primary school (K-12)
    • Rebuilding school infrastructure
    • School supplies, textbooks, & teaching materials
    • Support school operations & staff salaries
  • College Sponsor

    Every year
    Tuition and supplies for Damabiah's college age students
    Valid for 4 years
    • University tuition for a year
    • Transportation to and from campus
    • Textbooks & school supplies


Have something you think could improve our efforts?   We are constantly looking for new ways to expand our reach and improve our network.   



At OWE our donations are directed towards the specific projects you choose to fund! 

Interested in joining us on a Service Trip?

Apply below to find out more details!

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