Empowering impoverished communities  by providing them with the resources necessary to achieve sustainability and independence.

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OWE, an acronym for “One With Earth,” is a Philadelphia based non-profit organization aiming to fulfill what we as humans OWE to those less fortunate.


Food Donation  

and Drop-Off

Bi-weekly deliveries to feed the community


Systems Integration

Solar energy and gravity fed water treatment



Improvements to educational facility

and access to educators

Agricultural Infrastructure  

Community vegetable garden

Our Projects

OWE founders are working with Damabiah Orphanage in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, to integrate sustainable systems and processes that will solve their limited access to food, water, electricity, and adequate education. Upon completion of these projects, we will expand our efforts to other impoverished communities around the world.

Bi-Weekly Deliveries


Scheduled Resource Deliveries

OWE has been providing nutritious meals to the children and staff at Damabiah Orphanage since February, 2019. 

Educational  Services


Education Enhancement

In the summer of  2021, OWE hired local Haitian contractors to build a NEW SCHOOL, and now, through strategic relationships with

U.S. based universities and educators,  we are  transforming and enhancing the educational system at Damabiah.

Eco-Friendly Systems Integration

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Integration of Eco-Friendly Systems

With the help of corporate partners, plans are in place to implement a community garden, solar electricity, water collection, and water filtration systems.



At OWE, your donations are directed towards the specific project you choose to fund! 

Reach out

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