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OWE's International Ambassador, Cara Sottile, CRNP, has been providing humanitarian relief in Haiti since their catastrophic earthquake in 2010.  During a visit to Port-Au-Prince in January 2019, it was discovered that the 75 children living at Damabiah Orphanage were only eating and drinking every 2-3 days due to a significant lack of resources and insufficient logistical systems.

Furthermore, the orphanage compound lacked running water, electricity, and the proper space needed to grow food. In addition to these infrastructural deficiencies, the school that operated on the orphanage grounds was poorly managed, underfunded, and not equipped to provide a structured or meaningful education to the children. 


Upon return to the United States, Cara co-ordinated with her network in Haiti and friends in the U.S. to begin bi-weekly food and resource deliveries for the children and staff at Damabiah Orphanage. 

In order to sustain these deliveries and begin working on other necessary projects,  a board of directors was formed, and a vision was created to provide more meaningful assistance to the children at Damabiah Orphanage.


Have something you think could improve our efforts?   We are constantly looking for new ways to expand our reach and improve our network.   

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