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OWE's New Membership Giveaway for Flyers & Sixers Tickets is LIVE!

This week the chairmen and women of OWE are hosting a contest for two fabulous prizes to those who join our mission!

From November 25, 2019 to November 29, 2019, all new OWE Members will get a chance to win two center-court 76er’s tickets, or two center-ice tickets for an upcoming Philadelphia Flyer’s game!

Entry to the contest starts at $10, with the purchase of a Basic Membership. Each membership tier grants you additional entries into the contest.

Basic Membership ($10): 1 Entry

Orphan Sponsor ($20): 2 Entries

Orphanage Sponsor ($50): 5 Entries

Premier Donor ($75): 8 Entries

Impact Ambassador ($100): 10 Entries

Multiple entries gives you a chance to win BOTH prizes!

Each of these memberships have a dramatic impact on our cause, and will help the chairmen and women of OWE to create a better world for those at Damabiah Orphanage.

Participating in the Basic Membership ($10/Month) option helps us continue our bi-weekly food and supply drop-offs to the orphanage.

The Orphan Sponsor Membership ($20/Month), will directly support the growth of an individual child by making sure they are given food, water, and other necessary items to thrive. With this membership, you will receive a photo and biography of your child and updates on their progress.

The Orphanage Sponsorship Membership ($50/Month) assists the chairmen and women of OWE with certain projects, such as obtaining solar paneling, a water filtration system, and an education program on the grounds of the orphanage. This membership tier has the biggest impact on our mission.

To enter the contest; Click HERE, choose you membership tier and visit @weareowe on Friday, November 29 as we post the winners!

We all must give back what we OWE to those less fortunate!

If you are interested in learning more about our mission, please visit us at: and follow us @weareowe on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with our current projects and events.

Please share this post so we can continue to bring awareness to our cause.


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